MARLENKA Enterprises

MARLENKA Enterprises

The Story begins in 1704

Armenian Georgius Deodatus Damascenus founded the first Czech coffee lounge in Prague, named The Golden Snake.

Nearly three hundred years later, in 1995, the Armenian Gevorg Avetisyan came to the Czech Republic to settle there with his family. He begged God to show him the right way to support his family and promised that if He helped him, he would have the Saint Jost Church cross restored. Not long after that, he recalled a miracle — A Honey Miracle, which was as a traditional Armenian family recipe of his favourite layered honey cake. Initially, the cakes were baked just for his friends, but later he has been able to offer them to the local coffee shops and confectioners where the honey delicacy quickly gained the great popularity. The fragrant, sweet and soft cake was named after his mother and daughter — Marlenka.

MARLENKA Enterprises

В 1995 году в Чехию иммигрировала армянская семья Аветисян и основала кондитерскую, визитная карточка которой — торт «Марленка». Название торта — в честь дочери хозяина. Коржи делаются из наливного теста, которое невозможно раскатать. Крем – заварной молочный. Также фишка торта – наличие цедры и капельки пряностей. Как вариант, в крем можно добавить привычную нам вареную сгущенку. Торт очень мягкий, можно есть одними губами.

MARLENKA Enterprises

MARLENKA Enterprises

MARLENKA Enterprises


Приготовить 6 листов бумаги для выпечки, разметить их для намазывания теста. У меня размер коржей примерно формат листа А4, плюс тесто намазывала шире этого размера на 5 см в каждом измерении. Потом коржи обрежутся по расчерченные границы, а обрезки пойдут на посыпку. Духовку нагреть до 170°C.

Тесто. Растопить масло на водяной бане, добавить мед, сахар. Смеси дать закипеть и всыпать в нее соду. Тесто пойдет пеной. Размешать тщательно, снять с огня, добавить пряности, цедру, яйцо и муку. Замесить жидкое тесто. Консистенция теста примерно как у сметаны.

На 6 заготовленных лекал вылить по 1/6 части теста и разровнять по краям. Каждый корж выпекать в течение 7-10 минут до густо-золотого цвета. От духовку далеко не отходить, следить, чтоб коржи не сгорели.

Коржи обрезать до нужного размера горячими, обрезки откладывать на противень, потом подсушить их и смолоть. Коржи прикрыть полотенцем.

Крем. Смешать яйцо, муки и половину молока. В кастрюльке довести до кипения оставшееся молоко с сахаром, ванилью и цедрой. Влить тонкой струйкой яично-мучную смесь, все время помешивая. Через несколько минут крем загустеет до состояния густого киселя. Или приготовить ванильный пудинг согласно инструкции на пакете.

Крем снять с огня, охладить, добавить в него сливочное масло и вареную сгущенку, взбить.

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Коржи промазать кремом, покрыть им также верх и бока. Обсыпать смолотыми обрезками коржей (я также добавила молотого грецкого ореха).

Растопить шоколад и нанести наверх тонкую сеточку из шоколада с помощью шприца или корнетика.

1 ч 20 мин

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MARLENKA Enterprises

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MARLENKA Enterprises

MARLENKA Enterprises

MARLENKA Enterprises

MARLENKA Enterprises

MARLENKA Enterprises

MARLENKA Enterprises

Торт Медовик Особенный


It’s all about the Stars

MARLENKA Enterprises participated in 2015 Great Taste Awards, the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards.

Putting your food or drink to the test with judging panel of over 450 experts is a quick way to get honest, straightforward and impartial feedback from chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers. Whether your product receives a 1-, 2- or 3-star accolade, Great Taste stars are highly respected seals of approval. Speaking of which, MARLENKA is amongst the producers celebrating as its Honey Cake with nuts is now able to proudly carry the little gold and black Great Taste logo.

2016 Great Taste Awards

We have been able to uphold the excellent quality and taste of all MARLENKA® products and for the second consecutive year we brought home even more awards from the UK’s Great Taste Awards — the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards.

This year big winner with not 1 but 2 golden stars is Gluten Free Honey nuggets MARLENKA. While the Cocoa honey nuggets and Gluten Free honey cake have been crowned with 1 golden star awards.

MARLENKA Enterprises

Only The Best

carefully selected natural ingredients are used for the production of this honey delicacy.

With honey acting as a natural preservative and by using a unique vacuum and O2 absorbent packaging technology, our cakes have a long shelf-life of up to 90 days in an ambient environment, even though they are completely FREE from any artificial preservatives, colours or GM ingredients. Thanks to their superior quality, all MARLENKA products comply with the strictest requirements for health and safety and also hygienic standards.


As the popularity and great reputation grew, MARLENKA established itself in Edinburgh.

From there supplies delicious, all-natural products to fans all over the UK through MARLENKA Enterprises, which is The Official UK Sales Office and the direct trading subsidiary of its parent company, MARLENKA International. Our aim to consistently deliver a traditional, superior-quality MARLENKA® products. Our mission remains simple and transparent — we do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. We earn the right to hold others to a higher level of accountability by being accountable to ourselves, our customers and our business partners.

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MARLENKA Enterprises


Gevorg Avetisyan along with his sister founded MIKO International, which along with the MARLENKA® honey cakes also produces many others desserts using their authenthic and traditional Armenian family recipes.

MARLENKA International currently employ around 200 people, working around the clock 24/7 in non-stop production. On montly basis, we bake over 100,000 MARLENKA® cakes, 50,000 MARLENKA® nuggets, 35,000 small cakes, 15,000 Napoleonky and 2,000 pieces of Pachlava. This massive success enable us to export our products to more than 35 countries around the world.

MARLENKA Enterprises

Wholesale & Foodservice

+ Direct manufacturer pricing as we are the UK Sales Office and subsidiary of MARLENKA Int’l

+ Great Taste Awards winning products with unique taste and universal appeal.

+ BRC & IFS Certified

+ Free From any preservatives and artificial colouring. Gluten-Free version available.

+ Easy to serve products

+ Unique ambient shelf-life

Free support for your Business in form of Marketing & Point of Sale materials

Great products but even better customer service after the delivery agent made an absolute mess of trying to deliver our order. Would recommend both the awesome cakes and the fact that they really care and get involved in sorting out the problem. Superb!

The Marlenka Honey Cake with Walnuts is our favourite for family celebrations Service & delivery are excellent and customer service are lovely people The cake travels well and has a generous best before date making it a perfect gift Also popular for sharing at work gatherings It is suitable for home decorating or can be enjoyed straight from the box It is very soft and moreish

First class taste, quality, excellent packaging and delivery.

I discovered these cakes a few years ago in Prague, then saw them in Vienna. I was delighted to find they are available in the UK and have just received my first order. This review is for the excellent ordering and delivery process. The SHOP app was useless but communications from DHL were first class. Next day free delivery promise was kept.

No point in reviewing the products I have had several of them before and always thoroughly enjoy which ever I have. Quality speaks for itself, and they are excellent value.


I ordered a cake for my friend whose birthday was on Saturday just after 12pm on Friday when the cutoff time is for the next day deliveries. Since I really needed the cake by the next day, I emailed them about it. Surprisingly, I got my cake delivered to me just under 2 hours of speaking to them. I guess since I live in Edinburgh it was easier for them to deliver but still their customer service is amazing. Ofcourse as always the cakes are wonderfully tasty! Over the years I have ordered so many cakes and chocolates from them- never been disappointed!

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Lovely Honey cake

We love this cake. We knew the cake from before, a friend brought some years ago.We ordered on amazon the honey nuggets this time to try (as we just heard about it now on Hungarian Tv channel.) It is delicious! I highly recommend it, if you like honey.The seller also gave us a gift cake to our order, which was a big surprise, we really appreciate it! Thank you so much!We love your cakes!

Amazing service. Amazing cake!

Once again, thank you for an amazing service. And an amazing cake! My son won’t have any other for his birthday.Bearing in mind how busy the Christmas period is, I placed an order at 2am on Tuesday morning, thinking that there was no way it would get to me before Christmas, and the cake arrived by 9.30am on Wednesday morning, with free postage, because my order was over £20. Fantastic service as always. I would highly recommend this company. Many thanks! And Merry Christmas!xx

The best cakes on the planet.

I’ve been buying Marlenka Cakes for years and during lockdown started to use their website, brilliant fast service and if you haven’t tried them then you’re missing out big time.

Mrs SJ McKay


MARLENKA Enterprises

MARLENKA Enterprises

MARLENKA Enterprises


MARLENKA Enterprises was crowned one of the best in the UK in the country’s leading parenting Netmums 2013 Awards

The popular cake company in Edinburgh was voted runner up as the Scotland region’s Best Children’s Party Supplier. Dubbed the UK’s ‘Parenting Oscars’, more than a million parents and childcarers were eligible to vote for the huge UK-wide prize. The national Netmums awards were set up to recognize the best firms in the growing children’s party market, which is now worth a whopping £750 million a year in the UK. Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard said: “Putting on parties for little ones is very big business and the competition has been intense, but MARLENKA Enterprises stood out. Parents couldn’t praise it enough.”

MARLENKA Enterprises

2017 Great Taste Awards

The third consecutive year meant yet another recognition of superior quality and taste of MARLENKA® products in this year’s Guild of Fine Food’s Great Taste Awards.

Yet again, receiving more awards this year, than in the last year. This year big winner with 2 golden stars is Honey nuggets MARLENKA, while Honey cake with walnuts, Cocoa honey cake and Lemon honey cake have been all crowned with 1 golden star awards.

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